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The MPR121QR2 is a capacitive touch sensor controller that makes it very easy to integrate capacitive touch sensing into your project. It communicates via I2C, and works by measuring the capacitance of twelve electrode points. When an object comes close to the electrode connector, the measured capac..
Based on RF module RC522 Near Field Communication module, with operating frequency og 13.56mHz where you can read and write a tag. Compatible with all gizDuino / Arduino microcontroller boards. Specifications :Power Input 3.3VDCData Interface SPI CommunicationWorking current 13t..
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Rotary Encoder Break-out Board Rotary Encoder Break-out Board
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Brand: e-gizmo
Rotating controls are our most ergonomic way of adjusting something, and is the preferred method over push buttons, especially when it involves fast and repeated adjustments. (For example, a potentiometer for volume control.) But digital circuits are not exactly well suited for analog potentiometer ..
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Single Analog Thumb Joystick is the most suited for 2-axis control projects like remote control cars and many more. Specifications :Power Input 5VDCOutput Analog : X-Axis : 0 - 1023 Y-Axis : 0 - 1023Button : 1 || 0Downloads :Hardware Manual DownloadSample Arduino/gizDuino Sketch ..
TFT LCD Shield 2.4" with MicroSD Interface
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TFT LCD Shield 2.4" with MicroSD InterfaceDownloads :ManualDownloadModified LibraryDownloadSample Arduino/gizDuino SketchDownloadDownload All..
TinyRTC I2C Real Time Clock Powered by DS1307 and AT24C32 with 32kb EEPROM strorage. Specifications :Power Input 5VDCOn-Board ICs DS1307 & AT24C32Battery LIR2303 Rechargeable Lithium BatteryPCB Dimensions 25x28x8.4mmDownloads :Manual DownloadLib..
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Brand: e-Gizmo
e-Gizmo RFID Card Reader 2 can be used as a stand-alone RFID Card Reader, or can be connected to a host controller (e.g. gizDuino/Arduino). It can store up to 100 RFID cards assigned with a unique 7-bit address each. A host controller can detect and read the card two ways:  via its 7-bit addres..
4x4 Keypad Module
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Brand: e-Gizmo
16 key keypad module configured in 4x4 array readily connects with any of eGizmo EZkonnek equipped microcontroller boards. Can be easily configured to connect with other controllers as well.Downloads :Hardware ManualDownloadSample Arduino / gizDuino SketchDownload..
BIO SENSING: TF-MD-M1 Biometric Finger Print Scanner
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Brand: e-Gizmo
Reliable fingerprint reader, complete with DSP controller for easy integration with microcontroller circuits, PCs, or industrial controllers.Specifications :Power Input3.3VDCDSP ( Digital Signal Processing )TI TMS320VC5416 Serial CommunicationUARTDefault Baud Rate19200 bpsDownloads :ManualDownl..
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