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1000W PWM DC Brush Motor Speed Controller 6-90VDC 15A 1000W PWM DC Brush Motor Speed Controller 6-90VDC 15A
Brand: e-Gizmo
Speed/Power controller for brush type DC Motor.Working Voltage: 6V-90VDCPower Output: 0.01-1000WMaximum Output Current: 15AStandy Current: 5mA TypicalPWM Duty Cycle: 0-100%PWM Frequency: 15kHzUseful link:6-90V 15A PWM DC Motor Speed controller Review and Testing with different motors Yo..
This 3-phase Brushless DC Motors controller, although primarily designed for e-bikes, works just as well with many other DC brushless motors used for DIY projects.Operating Voltage: 36/48VDC Auto-selectOperating Current: 15A Max.Output Capacity: 350W maximumSpeed Control Input Voltage: 0-5VDCHall Se..
Motor Controller for 100W-500W 3-phase Brushless DC Motors. Operating Voltage: 12-36VDC (Note 1)Operating Current: 15A Max.Output Capacity: 500W (Note 2)Speed Control Input Voltage: 0-5VDCHall Sensor Input: 0-5V LogicNote 1: Although the manufacturer rates this for up to 36VDC, It is recommended to..
Pulse Width Modulation DC Motor Speed Controller.For DC Brush Motor OnlyOperating Voltage Range: 4.5VDC - 35VDCStandby Current: 7uA TypicalOutput Current: 5A MaximumRated Output: 90W maximumPWM Frequency: 20KHzDuty Cycle: 1-100%Package: 1x PWM Module1x Knob1set Potentiometer NutWeight: 15gDimensions..
2-Channel L9110S Motor Driver- Independent control of two DC motors - Alternatively, it can also be used to drive single bipolar (4-wire) stepper motorPower Supply Voltage: 2.5-12VDCMaximum Drive current: 800mA per outputTTL/CMOS compatible drive inputs..
This general purpose motor driver has two independent drivers that can be used to PWM speed control up to two DC brush motor, or as a driver for single bipolar stepper motor.Driver Chip: TC1508SOperation Voltage: 2V-10VDCCurrent: 1.5A Cont, 2.5A peakInput Logic Level: 5V Logic..
The **L293D Motor Driver Shield** is a device that can be used to control DC, stepper, and servo motors using an Arduino board. It is compatible with the Arduino UNO and MEGA boards. The shield features two L293D motor driver ICs and one eight-bit shift register chip. The L293D IC is a low-voltage o..
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Brand: e-Gizmo
8A DC Motor DriverOperating Voltage : 6V to 24VDCDevice : VNH5050A Peak Drive: 30 Amps (internally limited)Drive Ampacity: 8 Amps w/ heatsink 4 Amps no HeatsinkOverload Ampacity: 8 Amps for 25 secs (no heatsink) 10 Amps for 45 secs (with heatsink)Fault Indicators: Output Short Circuit Thermal Shu..
30A Brushless Motor Speed Controller RC BEC ESC 30A Brushless Motor Speed Controller RC BEC ESC
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ESC  Electronic Speed Control for high speed brushless DC motors. PWM Speed control input, square wave output.Note: Be careful when working with high speed, high power Brushless DC motor. Mishandling can cause serious injuries. Features :BEC Power: YesCut-off voltage: 4VBEC..
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L298N IC as the main driver chip with a strong driving capability, lowheat, anti-interference ability.Specifications :Power Input 12VDCLogic Voltage 5V,0A-0.36AMaster Chip L298NOperating Mode H-Bridge Drive (Dual)Drive Current 2A (Max) Single BridgeMaximum Po..
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Brand: e-gizmo
Built for large stepper motors with huge appetite for power, this micro-stepper motor driver can provide 6 Amps* drive and will work with up to 32VDC power source. Current drive is user adjustable. Other features includes  user selectable full/half/quarter/sixteenth microstepping, opto-isolated..
Beefy: H-Bridge Motor Driver Beefy: H-Bridge Motor Driver
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Brand: e-gizmo
Nicknamed Beefy, this H-Bridge Motor Driver is the latest variants in our high current DC motor driver series. Ideal for use  in intermittent low duty high current applications, like mobile robots.Specifications :Motor Supply Voltage 7-35VDCLoad Current > 20A surge, 6A Continu..
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