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OV7670 Camera Module OV7670 Camera Module
OV7670 Image Sensor SCSBNote: This camera module don't have post processing circuit. It outputs data in raw RGB.Post processing raw image data requires advance expertise -this product may not be suitable to casual hobbyists looking to build a standalone camera project. If you don't want to be bother..
Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module V2 Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module V2
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Official Raspberry Pi camera module V2.  8MP, without Infrared Filter. This makes it suitable for Infrared (night vision) imaging applications.e-Gizmo is an authorized reseller of RS Components genuine/official Raspberry Pi products. ..
Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2
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The Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 replaced the original Camera Module in April 2016. The v2 Camera Module has a Sony IMX219 8-megapixel sensor (compared to the 5-megapixel OmniVision OV5647 sensor of the original camera).The Camera Module can be used to take high-definition video, as well as sti..
Serial Camera (CMOS Serial Port (UART) Camera Module)
Capture JPEG images and send them via RS232 UART interface. This serial camera module makes it very easy for your microcontroller circuits to add image capture functions for various applications. VGA 640x480 image resolution, 115kbps UART rate.Features :Color ser..
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