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Aluminum Extruded Fin Heatsink, Black AnodizedWith 4x integral standoffL94 x W55 x H14 mm approximatelyWeight: 71g..
CPU Heatsink Cooler with Built-in Copper Thermal Pad [USED] CPU Heatsink Cooler with Built-in Copper Thermal Pad [USED]
This product is an Aluminum Heatsink used as CPU heatsink/cooler. It has a integrated copper heat transfer pad for a more efficient cooling.Aluminum Heatsink Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 25mmTotal Weight:140gNote: This is a used product. Expect some minor dents and scratches.Dimensions and weight are all a..
Black Anodized Aluminum Heatsink for TO220 package.PC SolderableDimensions: 19H x 22W x10D mmSolder Tabs: 1.6x0.5mmThickness: 0.65Weight: 2.3g..
Aluminum Extruded Fin Heatsink, Black AnodizedH34.5 x W34.5 x D12.6 mm approximatelyWeight: 18g..
Used Fin Type Aluminum HeatsinkFor DIY Power Amplifiers or other power applicationsHeavy: 3.1kg eachMain Body Thickness: 15mmFin Thickness:2-5.5mmLarge Size: 433L x 74W x 74D mmImportant: This is a USED product. There will be scratches and minor dents. Actual photo is shown. Please feel free to cha..
Aluminum Extruded Fin Heatsink for TO220H20 x W10 x D10 mmWeight: 3gPC Solderable, M3 size mounting screwNote: Price is for the heatsink only. Screw and TO-220 device are shown for illustration only...
Black Anodized Aluminum Extruded Fin HeatsinkDimensions: H50 x W35 x D12.5 mmWeight: 21gthickness: 2 mmWith two PC solderable mounting pins..
Black Anodized Aluminum HeatsinkH38 x W25 x D22 mmthickness: 1.6mm..
Black Anodized Aluminum HeatsinkH19 x W22 x D10 mmthickness: 0.6mm..
Black Anodized Aluminum HeatsinkH30 x W27 x D12.6 mmthickness:1.2..
Black Anodized Aluminum HeatsinkH29.5 x W24 x D12.6 mmthickness:1.27..
Anodized Aluminum HeatsinkH41 x W51 x D19 mmthickness:1.27Note: Sold at discounted price because of Stained/Discolored surface..
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