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LM555CN Single Timer IC- Low cost Generic/Chinese Brand- IQC Sampled for function tests. Package/Image: DIP-8..
Brand: ST.
Genuine ST NE556 Dual 555 timer ICThe NE556, SA556 and SE556 dual monolithic timing circuits are highly stable controllers capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation. In the time delay mode of operation, the time is precisely controlled by one externalresistor and capacitor. For a stab..
Precision TimerAstable/monostable operation200mA output sink/source4.5V-16V VCC Package/Image: SOIC-8..
Brand: ST
1.5A MAX CONSTANT CURRENT LED DRIVERUp to 40 V input voltageShutdown pinPWM dimming pin Package/Image: PowerSO-8..
RFID coupler chip 13.56MHzISO14443 type-B contactless coupler chipwith anti-collision, CRC management and anti-clone functionI2C host interface Package/Image: SOIC-16..
Brand: ST
3A Constant Current w/ dimmingVin: 5.5V to 48VPWM Freq: 850kHzPWM Dimming input Package/Image: PowerSO-8..
Brand: ST
Battery Monitor ICwith Coulomb Counter/Gas Gauge12/14bit ADC32 Bytes RAM, I2C Interface Package/Image: MSOP-8..
HT-12E Encoder Package/Image: DIP-20..
HT-12D Decoder Package/Image: DIP-20..
VCO SQR/Triangle wave 1MHz Package/Image: DIP-8..
MP3 Player Package/Image: LQFP-48..
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