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Programmable Logic Controllers

LS 2 Axis Positioning Module. Expansion module for XBC-DN64H PLC and XGB Series PLC.Interpolation Function: 2 axis Linear/Circular interpolationControl Method: Position, Speed controlMonitoring Ports: RS-232C or USB port of main unit.Positioning: - Absolute/Incremental- Position range: -2,147,483,64..
LS Electric Industrial PLC, 64 I/OOutputs: 32 Transistor Type opto isolated.Inputs: 32Program Port: USB, RS232CProgram Capacity: 15K stepsProgramming Language: Ladder diagram or IEC StandardNote: PC programming suite is free to download from the manufacturer`s website.Note: This item is a quality us..
Brand: Keyence
KV Series Super Small PLC by KeyenceOperating Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60HzFeatures:- Expandable- Serial Communications Ports for programming and communications- EEprom Program Storage, no need for backup batteries- 10 Inputs, 6- Relay outputs- Built-in Display Unit- 24VDC Output- DIN- Rail MountingWe..
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