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Proximity and Displacement

Plastic Body Area Sensor-Stop Transmission Function-Mutual Interference Prevention-Light ON/Dark ON selectableOperation Voltage: 12-24VDCOutput Type: NPN 30V 150mA max.Sensing Width: 220mmOptical Axis: 12 pcsLight Source: IR 850nmSensor Pair:1x BWP20 -12R1x BWP20 -12TNote: This item is a quality use..
Brand: Sunx
Industrial Inductive Proximity SensorGA-14 AmplifierSupply Voltage: 12-24VDCOutput Type: NPN Open CollectorOutput Sink: 100mA maxResponse Frequency: 3.3kHz maxIndicator: Red LED ON when sensing output is ONSensitivity Adjustment: 18-turn potentiometerGH-2S Inductive Proximity SensorDiameter: 2.8mmRe..
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