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Brand: Toshiba
The TLP265J consists of a non zero crossing photo triac, optically coupled to an infrared LED. The TLP265J is housed in the SO6 package and guarantees a creepage distance of 5.0 mm (min), a clearance of 5.0 mm (min) andinsulation thickness of 0.4 mm (min). Therefore, the TLP265J meets the reinforced..
Brand: Toshiba
Toshiba 3-Terminal Linear Voltage Regulator.Nominal Output Voltage: 5VDCOutput Current: 150mAInput Voltage: 35V maximumPower Dissipation: 800mW maximumDropout Voltage: 1.7V @150mA..
Brand: Toshiba
Wide power supply range, bipolar or single supply, general purpose OPAMP. Equivalent to LM358.Power supply: +/-18 or 36VDC MaximumSource Current: 40mA Typ.Sink Current: 20mA Typ.Slew Rate: 0.8V/usUnity Gain Bandwidth: 1.5 MHz Package/Image: DIP-8..
Brand: Toshiba
Optocoupler Transistor OutputVceo: 80VDCCTR: >100%If: 60mASwitching Characteristics at RL=1.9Kton - 1.5usts - 25ustoff - 50us Package/Image: SMD-4..
Brand: Toshiba
Dual 30V 6A 30.5mR Vgth=1.2V N Channel..
Brand: Toshiba
20V 0.5A 0.33R 2.5VGate MOSFET P Channel Package/Image: TSOP-6..
Brand: Toshiba
12V 3A 0.088R 2.5VGate Pch MOSFET P Channel Package/Image: TSOP-6..
Brand: Toshiba
60V 5A 0,16R PCh MOSFET P Channel Package/Image: DPAK..
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