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Brand: TDK
The CXA-L10 series inverters for 2-cold cathode fluorescent lamps support a wide range of CCFL devices and are characterized by highly stable output current.Employing a resonance-type push-pull circuit, these inverters deliver sine wave output with very low noise levels.Dual output, outputs can be c..
Brand: TDK
TDK Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor MLCC.MPN: C3216X7R1E225KT000NNominal Capacitance: 2.2uFTolerance: +/-10%Working Voltage: 25VDCTemperature Coefficient: X7RPackage: SMD 1206 Package/Image: c_1206..
Brand: TDK
MPN: NLCV32T-470K-PFDNominal Inductance: 47uHTolerance: +/-10%Q Factor: 15 @2.52MHzSelf Resonant Frequency: 14MHzDC Resistance: 1.64RRated Current: 180mA max.Size: 3.2L x 2.5W x 2.2T mm..
Brand: TDK
MPN: LTF5022T-470MR66-DNominal Inductance: 47uH @100kHzTolerance: +/-20%DC Resistance: 0.7RRated Current: 660mA max.Size: 6.5L x 5W x 2.2T mm..
Brand: TDK
TDK Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor MLCC.MPN: C4532X7R2A155MT000NNominal Capacitance: 1.5uFTolerance: +/-20%Working Voltage: 100VDCTemperature Coefficient: X7RPackage: SMD 1812 4.5L x 3.2W x2.3T mm Package/Image: c_1812..
Brand: TDK
22uH SMD Power Inductor RLF10160T-2202R5-D1Current Rating: 3.6A (at saturation 30% rolloff)DC Resistance: 0.055R10.2W x 10.2L x 6.4H mm..
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