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Brand: ON
Original ONsemi FOD817.The FOD817 Series consists of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode driving a silicon phototransistor in a 4-pin dual in-line package.Emitter Forward Current: 50mA max.Detector Vceo: 70VDetector Current: 50mA mx.CTR: 130-250%Cut off Frequency: 80kHz Package/Image: DIPGW-4..
Brand: ON
Original ON Semiconductor parts.MC7805CTMaximum Input Voltage: 35VDCOutput Voltage: 5V +/-0.2VOutput Current: 1.0ADropout Voltage: 2.0V typ.Line Regulation: 20mV Load Regulation: 25mV (5ma to 1.0A Load)Short Circuit Current: 0.6A typ.Short Circuit Peak Current: 2.2A typ. Package/Image: TO220..
Brand: ON
The general purpose optocouplers consist of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode driving a silicon phototransistor in a 6-pindual in-line packageCTR: 20 min.Emitter Input Current: 100mA max.Detector:Vceo: 30VVce Saturation Voltage: 0.5V @ If 50mATon: 2usToff:2us..
Brand: ON
Input Voltage: -35V maxOutput Voltage: -15V +/- 0.6VOutput Current: -100mALoad Regulation: 150mVLine Regulation: 300mVDrop out Voltage: 1.7VDCInput Bias Current: 6.5mAOutput Noise Volatge: 90uVRMS Package/Image: TO92..
Brand: ON
Branded IR LED 5mm diameterPeak Emission Wavelength: 940nmSpectral Bandwidth: 50nmEmission Angle: 40 degreesRise and Fall Time: 1000nsForward Current: 100mA max continousPeak Forward Current: 1.5APower Dissipation: 200mW..
Brand: ON
40V 6A Dual Schottky common cathode Package/Image: DPAK..
Brand: ON
42V 33A 23mR Protected Low Side SWProtected MOSFET Switch Package/Image: DPAK..
Brand: ON
40 V, 70 A, 8.7mR 100W 3.5VGTMOSFET N Channel..
Brand: ON
70mA Tracking LDO Package/Image: SOIC-8..
Brand: ON
SPI Stepper Driver 1.2A 32uStep Package/Image: QFN-32..
Brand: ON
350mA Adjustable VR, Adj current Package/Image: SOIC-8..
Brand: ON
Dual 600V 16A Ultrafast CK Package/Image: D2PAK..
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