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E01-ML01DP5 2.4G Wireless Transmission Module

E01-ML01DP5 2.4G Wireless Transmission Module
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E01-ML01DP5 2.4G Wireless Transmission Module
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E01-ML01DP5 2.4G 22dBm 100mW nRF24L01P+PA+LNA Wireless Transmission Module.

Specifications :
Module size:
18 * 33 mm, excluding SMA antenna pedestal
2.54 * 2 * 4,  2.54mm pitch allows it use with universal boards.
Supply voltage:
2.0-3.6V, Note: Do not exceed 3.6V. Permanent damage to the device may occur.
Communication Level:
0.7VDD-5V, VDD refers to the module supply voltage
Measured Distance:
1750m, condition: urban, open, 30 ?, visual, cloudy, 250K
Maximum power:
20dBm, approximately 100mW
Air rate: 250K, 1M, 2M three rates can be adjusted in software
Shutdown Current:
1uA, nRF24L01P set down, CE low
Power Level:
4 adjustable, PA chip power is not adjustable, nRFL01P see its datasheet
Emission current: 95mA, peak
Receive current: 20mA, CE = 1
Antenna Interface:
SMA, inside the outer screw hole
Antenna Requirements: SMA, inner spiral inner needle, 2.4G band, 50 ohm impedance
Communication interfaces:
SPI, the highest rate of 10Mbps
Emitting & Receive length:
32 bytes, 32 bytes of the maximum single packet, Level 3 FIFO
RSSI Support:
no support

Downloads :
Module Illustration
Library for Arduino/gizDuino IDE
Connection Diagram for Arduino/gizDuino

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