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Minibot Prime

Minibot Prime
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Minibot Prime
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MiniBot Prime mobile robot kit with 3 Infrared Proximity Sensor module that enables the robot to detect obstacles up front,30 degrees left and Right. With open circuit design, the minibot enables the user to add more peripherals to satisfy their target functions. 

Fast mobile robot kit with the speed of 4.3sec/meter and with Proximity or Ranging sensor to choose from. Heavy duty Rechargeable Batteries Included and automatic Charging circuit

NOTE: Color May vary depending on the acrylic available.

For Graphical-Programming

     MINIBOT with Ardublock Tutorial

Demo Video :

Downloads :
Hardware Manual
Sample Arduino / gizDuino Sketches and Library
Wiring Diagram

Specifications :
132x133x98mm WLH

Useful Links :
Demo Video
Sample Codes
Google Play
Android App

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