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PBOT 2018-D

PBOT 2018-D
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PBOT 2018-D
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PBOT 2018 Disassembled Kit

Better and cheaper.

It is equipped with an All-in-One Mobile Robot Controller with on-board MCU ATMEGA168P or ATMEGA328P (Optional). It has 3 Channel Collision Sensors, 3-Channel Line Sensors with Line Calibration, Motor Driver, 4 Servo Connections, Serial connections port, Charger and an on-board  DC-DC Booster that enables the kit to operate from a single 3.7V 1580mAh/5.6Wh Li-on Battery. It can also be powered from a 7v2 Ni-MH battery pack.

New Features

- Single 3.7V Lithium Ion battery power source
- Built-in Li-Ion Battery Charger
- Blutooth/wireless module Expansion Port
- 16K ATMEGA168P Controller with Arduino Bootloader
- Dedicated controller for sensors and motor management
- Communicates with the user controller via Two Wire Interface TWI. Don't be scared, you do not have to learn what a TWI is. Our copy-paste  API codes takes care of all the hard work to make your coding easy.
- Digital calibration of line sensors. It's easy. Just push a button, hover it over your track, and it automatically calibrates to your track.
- 4-channel servo output. Just send the desired position, no more PWM thingy.
- Battery saving collision sensor power management. Again, no need to dive into details. Just use it.

"Shield Style interface connectors allows you to use a wireless controller shields like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and any other device for interface."

This Robot kit is ideal for Students, Hobbyists and for researchers that would like to learn the following:

1. Basic Arduino Programming. (Included eGizmo_PBOT2018 Library).

2. For Line Following

3. Collision avoidance

4. Maze Solver

5. Sumo Fight mobile Robot

6. Bluetooth Controlled

7. UHF wireless controlled

and Other application that suitable for PBOT controller.

Chassis Assembly Guide in 3D

Learn Ardublock :
Downloads :
PBOT 2018 Technical Manual
eGizmo_PBOT2018 Library (092619 w/Bluetooth Controlled and Blink examples added)
"PBOT2018 Assembly Manual Guide"
Prolific Driver
Arduino IDE Softwares 1.8.5 and previous

Features :
Operates on single Lithium Ion (Included) battery
Efficient Motor Driver Circuitry
On board 4-Channel Servo Motor driver port
On board Li-on Battery Charger
ATMEGA168 Microcontroller sporting 16K user program memory space
Arduino External I/O pin layout allows you to plug in any Arduino compatible shield

Specifications :
Battery:3.7V Li-on 1580mAh Rechargeable Battery
Battery (Optional):7.2V Ni-MH 800mAh Rechargeable Battery
With boost DC voltage Output:7.2VDC
On-Board Peripherals- IC ATMEGA 168 w/ 16KB Flask Memory
- IC A3966 Dual Full-Bridge PWM Motor Driver
- 2-CH DC Motor 6V 1.5A
- 3-CH IR Line Sensor CNY70 (10mm range)
- With Charger battery circuit for 3.7V
PCB Dimensions:62 mm x 67 mm

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