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Metal Detector kit ( Pulse Induction PI detection method )

Metal Detector kit ( Pulse Induction PI detection method )
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Metal Detector kit ( Pulse Induction PI detection method )
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Our new e-Gizmo Metal Detector kit can detect metallic object as small as 2x2mm (tested object - screw) located about 2 cm above the plane and center of the sensing coil. Larger objects can be sensed at a longer distance.

Note: Polarity output may be used to distinguish if the detected metal has paramagnetic or diamagnetic properties (e.g Iron and Aluminum). This function is not 100% reliable but can be useful in many cases.

Features :
Compatible in all MCUs.
With Reset button for "no detect" calibration.
With dip switch sensitivity setting (0 to 2) (0 for high sensitivity and 2 for low sensitivity.
"Detect" and "Polarity" open collector digital output readily interface with any MCU.
"Reset" input allows the host MCU to re-calibrate the kit under software control.

Specifications :
Power Input8 to 12V DC
Detection Range
2cm (It may vary depending on the size of the object)
Distinguished sensing
para-magnetic or diamagnetic
On-board IC

Downloads :
Major Parts Illustration
Sample Arduino / gizDuino Sketch
Schematic Diagram

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