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Our new e-Gizmo AVR32 MCU board features a high-speed 32-bit MCU engine with 64DMIPS at 50MHz. With this performance, it can perform calculations and functions fast enough for scientific and high-end programming applications. With a built-in Memory protection unit, it ensures excellent performance for real-time applications accompanied by 8-channel 2-bit analog to digital converters.

It can also be used for multiple serial control used especially for wireless serial devices and alike. It also includes a JTAG port for JTAG interfacing. It also makes use of the PL2303 driver for uploading programs using a locally-made unique IDE.

Its ADCs can handle up to more less 1.98V and each pin also features an internal pull-up resistor.

Features :
Flash memory/ Microcontroller : AT32UC3L0128 (128K flash)
SRAM: 32kB
High speed performance, 64DMIPS at 50MHz
40-pin 900mils wide dual in line foot print
JTAG Compatible

Specifications :
Power Input:+3.3V Supply
Clock frequency: 8 MHz up to 42 MHz
Default baud rate:115200bps
General functions: 2xTWI, 4xUART,2xSPI, 36xPWM, 8x12-bit ADC, Touch  Module frequency meter
PCB Dimension: 27 W x 57L mm

Downloads :
Technical Manual

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