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USBasp Clone

USBasp Clone
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USBasp Clone
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Low-cost USB programmer for ATMEL AVR microcontrollers with ISP features based on Thomas Fischl USBasp and METALAB AVRProg. This clone implements the AVRProg version that has a 1MHz clock source that users can use to recover chips with wrong clock fuse settings.

Supported by the following programming softwares:

AVRDUDE version 5.2 and up. AVRDUDE is the programming software used by the WinAVR development suite.

Specifications :
Power Input5VDC, USB-powered
Programming PortICSP
Clock Frequency12mHz

Downloads :
Schematic Diagram
PCB Design ( Top Layer )
PCB Design ( Bottom Layer )Download
Parts Placement
Drivers & Firmwares
Hardware Manual

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