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Featured Kits & Modules

gizDuino LIN

100% code compatible with the popular Arduino Uno board. Added features inlcudes  LIN interface and LED monitored I/O.

PBOT 2018

Our latest generation of entry level mobile robot kit. Better but cheaper than its predecessor.

Arduino Uno R3

Genuine Arduino Uno R3 with ATMEGA328P in TQFP package.


Time of flight high accuracy distance sensor. 30-1000mm measuring range.

FM Broadcaster II

A low power Stereo FM transmitter unit for educational training and practice broadcasts.

Sensor Amplifier

Instrumentation amplifier circuit for input conditioning and signal amplification of sensor devices (e.g. load cell) ?

Featured Components & Stuff

DC Gear Motor

80 rpm at 6VDC. Metal gear head, high torque.

Terminal Block

4 way Push-to-release terminal block.

Magnetic Contact

Model 1282TW-B consists of a magnetic reed switch and a magnet housed in a sturdy plastic enclosure.

Temperature Sensor

NTC Thermistor. 100Kohms nominal resistance @ 25C/ Lug mounting.

Breadboard 400pts

Half size factor solderless breadboard with two detachable power rails.

Pressure Sensor

SX01DP1 Differential Pressure Sensor 0-1psi 

Sensitivity: 4mV/V/psi

4k1 input/output Resistance


PBOT 2018

PBOT 2018

Our e-Gizmo PBOT 2018 version is our newest Entry Level Mobile Robot Kit.Better and cheaper.It is eq..




Thermostat 60C 1A NOBimettalic Thermostat in 8-pin DIP size Package1Amp 48VDC-120VAC..




Dual Wideband High Output Current OPAMPVcc: 5V to 12VSlew Rate: 420V/usOutput Current: 420mA Package..




1.5A Constant Current LED DriverVin: Up to 40VPWNM Dimming Pin Package/Image: PowerSO-8..


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