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We are open even while MECQ is in effect. Please stay safe.

Metro Manila Lockdown in effect...
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This is it folks! We will reopen starting May 18. But don't forget, the virus is still out there. Don't leave home whenever possible: order on-line..
Metro Manila MECQ
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For your protection, we will implement measures to ensure your safety: Temperature Check, Mask, Distancing. Please bear with us.
Metro Manila MECQ
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Store schedule while quarantine is in place: 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Mon-Sat. Please visit our website again for latest updates. Stay home, stay safe. Good luck to all of us.
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Latest Kits & Modules

Product ID: 211100025
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with Bracket The bracket will allow you to mount the Sensor with ease to a wide variety of objects, including on a ..
Product ID: 211200012
Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Lossless Decoder ModuleHi-Fidelity Bluetooth Stereo ReceiverOperating Voltage: 5VDCUsable range: 15 metersAudio output port: 3.5mm..
Product ID: 211400005
This alcohol dispenser starter kit has the essential electromechanical parts needed to build your own DIY Automatic Alcohol Dispenser for hand saniti..
Product ID: 211000019
5V 5A USB Charging Port DC-DC Converter Module LM2596sInput Port: Screw Terminal + DC JackOutput Port: Screw Terminal + USB Charging PortInput Voltage..
Product ID: 211000018
Charge and Overload for Li-ion Batteries without built-in protection. Ideal for discrete 18650 Li-ion Batteries.Overcharge Detection Voltage: 4.25-4.3..
Product ID: 210700004
2-Channel L9110S Motor Driver- Independent control of two DC motors - Alternatively, it can also be used to drive single bipolar (4-wire) stepper mot..
Product ID: 210200031
1. Support the full range of STM32 SWD interface debugging, simple interface (including power supply), 4 line speed, stable work;! Interface definitio..
Product ID: 210300005
20x4 Character LCD Module with I2C BoardGray Character on Green Screen BackgroundSupply Voltage: 5VInterface: I2C I2C Address: 0x3F,0x40..
Product ID: 210300006
20x4 Character LCD Module with I2C BoardWhite Character on Blue Screen BackgroundSupply Voltage: 5VInterface: I2C I2C Address: 0x3F,0x40..
Raspi 4 Enclosure Pack Raspi 4 Enclosure Pack
Product ID: 210200030
Raspberry Pi 4 Enclosure Accessory Pack1x Acrylic enclosure1x Cooling Fan Kit1x Heatsink Set of 31x Power Supply Adapter & Cable..
Product ID: 211200011
JDY-31 Bluetooth Module for DataSPP ProtocolBluetooth 2.0 and 3.0Functional replacement and compatible with HC-05 HC-06 Bluetooth Module..
Brand: e-Gizmo Product ID: 210600012
-Genuine 2x Matsushita Automotive Qualified Dual relay for a full 4 channel relay function- Automotive relays can take a lot of punishment during oper..

Latest Stuffs

Product ID: 181000001
Bright White LED Module 5V 1.25W 6 SMD White LED in Aluminum Heat Dissipating Strip Operation Voltage: 3.5V-5VDC Operation Current: 250mA @ 5VDC Dime..
Brand: Panasonic Product ID: 131700008
Genuine Panasonic EVQ-PLHA15 SMD Tact SwitchType: SPST Normally OpenContact Rating: 0.02A @ 15VDCActuator Height: 1.5mmDimension: 4.9x4.9mmMechanical ..
Product ID: 131500002
DIP Switch 3xDPST to 6xSPST Side knob.This DIP Switch has removable knobs that combines 6 SPST switches into 3 DPST switches. Knobs can be easily remo..
Product ID: 240000027
SanDisk Ultra 32GB micro SD microSDHC Card Class 10 UHS-IRead Speed: Up to 100MB/SGenuineWeight: 7GOverall Dimensions:127x75x4mmNote: MicroSDGC card ..
2 pins Wafer M/F Pair 2 pins Wafer M/F Pair
New Pre-Order
Product ID: 111500015
2-pins JST XH 2.54mm pitch Wafer Male/Female setWire Lenght: 150mm Wire Size: AWG24 1007Color: Red + BlackPitch: 2.54mm..
Product ID: 121300010
Pack of 3 9018 TO-92 High Frequency25V 50mA 400mW 800MHz NPN Transistor Package/Image: 3xTO-92..
Product ID: 121700007
Pack of 3 9015 TO-9250V 100mA 450mW 270MHz PNP Transistor Package/Image: 3xTO-92..
Product ID: 121300009
Pack of 3 9014 TO-9250V 100mA 450mW 270MHz NPN Transistor Package/Image: 3xTO-92..
Product ID: 121300008
Pack of 3 9013 TO-9240V 500mA 625mW 150MHz NPN Transistor Package/Image: 3xTO-92..
Product ID: 121700006
Pack of 3 9012 TO-9240V 500mA 625mW 150MHz PNP Transistor Package/Image: 3xTO-92..
Product ID: 121700005
Pack of 3 8550 TO-9230V 700mA 1000mW 100MHz PNP Transistor Package/Image: 3xTO-92..
Product ID: 121300007
Pack of 3 8050 TO-9230V 700mA 1000mW 100MHz NPN Transistor Package/Image: 3xTO-92..


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