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Purple PCB Theme
Purple is our new PCB Theme. The transition has begun..
Omron E5CN
Omron Temperature PID Controller
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Upgraded Uno Advanced
Upgraded Uno Advanced Learning Kit
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Pneumatic Components
Pneumatic Components
Low-Cost Pneumatic Components for Prototyping and DIY projects
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ESP32 microPython Starter Pack
Teach yourself embedded uPython!
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DIY Alcohol Automatic Dispenser Kit
Build and modify to your preference!
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Robot Kit
Learner's Robot
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PIR Motion Sensors
Premium Quality Motion Sensors
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Industrial Automation Parts
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Latest Kits & Modules

Product ID: 211100049
The SW-420 Vibration Module is a sensor used to detect vibration or accelerated motion. It produces a logic high output whenever it detects motion. Th..
Product ID: 211400011
DIY ultrasonic mist maker/ Humidifier kit.On-board RGB LED that gradually changes light color.Push button control to select modes of operation.Mode 1:..
Product ID: 210300013
Single 8x8 d3mm Dot Matrix ModuleSocketed Display for easy replacement.Expandable: Can be daisy chained to build many character display unit.GC7219 Dr..
Product ID: 211200020
JDY-31C Bluetooth Module is a Bluetooth 3.0 compliant transparent mode serial module (SPP Protocol) that has the same functionality and can be used as..
Brand: e-Gizmo Product ID: 210700009
Speed/Power controller for brush type DC Motor.Working Voltage: 6V-90VDCPower Output: 0.01-1000WMaximum Output Current: 15AStandy Current: 5mA Typical..
Product ID: 211000046
This product is a high-efficiency Adjustable DC-DC Step Down Converter that can work in constant voltage or constant current mode. This makes it suita..
Product ID: 211200019
Easy to use wireless serial UART conversion kit. Suitable for serial communications not requiring hardware handshakes.Supply Voltage: 3.2-5.5V (See no..
Product ID: 211000045
Battery management and protection board with charge balancing for Li-ion Battery.Number of Cells: 7Nominal Voltage: 29.4VWorking Current: 15APeak Curr..
Product ID: 211200018
This module provides an almost painless way to connect your project’s serial UART via Wifi, giving you control to your devices via internet from just ..
Brand: Artesyn Product ID: 211000044
Extremely reliable, high power DC/DC converter. C-Class non-isolated.Output Voltage: 0.6-5.1V DC adjustableLoad Current: 0-20AInput Voltage Range: 4.5..
Product ID: 210300011
A Vacuum Fluorescent Display VFD may be ancient, but it is still sought for due It is due to its characteristically bright, yet soft, monochromatic di..
Product ID: 210300012
A Vacuum Fluorescent Display VFD may be ancient, but it is still sought for due It is due to its characteristically bright, yet soft, monochromatic di..

Latest Stuffs

Product ID: 180400007
Winstar 122x32 Graphic LCD Display with Flat Cable Connector.Made in TaiwanController: SBN1661GPower Supply: 5VInterface: 6800 (Parallel)With Backligh..
Brand: WIMA Product ID: 101400003
Genuine WIMA MKP10 Polypropylene PP Film Self Healing Capacitor.Made in GermanyCapacitance: 0.01uF +/-10%Working Voltage: 1000VDC or 600VACDissipation..
Brand: Vishay Product ID: 101600004
MKT RADIAL LACQUERED CAPACITORS (Dipped Type) - Orange Capacitance: 220nF +/-5%Working Voltage: 63VDCTemperature Range: -55C to +105CDimensions:6W x 3..
Product ID: 240500009
A bushing insert, also known as a threaded insert or a helical insert, is a type of fastener used to reinforce or repair threaded holes in materials s..
Product ID: 201700001
Nominal Resistance: 160RTolerance: +/-10%Power: 3WMounting: PCB mount VerticalLead Spacing: 5mm Package/Image: R3WV..
Brand: NEC Product ID: 181300004
FEATURES:- AC Input Response- High current transfer ratio (CTR = 100 % TYP.- High isolation voltage (BV = 3 750 Vr.m.s.)-Small and thin (SOP-4) packag..
Product ID: 140500005
PTC Resetable fuseHolding Current: 0.17A @20CTrip Current: 0.6AVmax: 250VACPd= 1.5 W typ.Time to Trip: 2sec @ 8AResistance: 2.3R typ...
Product ID: 131200002
Small monocrystalline solar panel for DIY projects.Nominal Voltage: 5VDCNominal Current: 500mAOutput Power: 2WSize: 110x80x3mm approx...
Brand: Pilkor Product ID: 100800034
Metallized Polypropylene Film Interference Suppression Capacitor with Self Healing properties. Designed for AC mains circuits. With independent safety..
Brand: Nichicon Product ID: 101000026
Genuine Nichicon Capacitor*Discounted price due to light scratches in the label*Capacitance: 1200uF +/-20%Rated Voltage: 160V DCDissipation Factor: 0...
Brand: San Ace Product ID: 240800022
Genuine San Ace Heavy Duty DC Brushless Fan with Speed Monitor (Frequency Generator) and PWM speed control input function. High reliability (40,000 ho..
Product ID: 111500023
2-pin JST SM Male-Female Pair 2.54mm pitchKeyed connectorLenght: 15 cmTotal Lenght:290mmWire Gauge: AWG22Wire Color: Red & Black* sold as pair..


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