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SIM800L EVB Module with On Board GSM Power Supply Unit
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BatMobot 3-wheel Proportional Steering with Distance Profiling Sensor & Wireless Remote
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Grabber Bot
Programmable Grabber Robot kit with Wireless Remote Control
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Maze Bot
Path (Maze) Navigating Robot kit with Sonar and IR collision sensors
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One Arm Mobot
3-DOF Arm Programmable Mobile Robot Kit with Wireless Remote Control
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6WD All Terrain bot
All Terrain 6-wheel drive Programmable Robot Kit
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Sumo Bot
Programmable Sumo Bot with 4WD and sonar + IR collision + Line sensor
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Beast Mobot
Track Driven Robot with 3-DOF Arm and Wireless Remote
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gizDuino UNO-SE
Student's Edition
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Free gizDuino
Workshop for Educators
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UPC: 210500001
Analog output 2-axis Thumb JoystickWith push switch output- 5 pins terminal configuration: +5V GND VRX VRY SW Specifications : Power Input..
UPC: 131200001
110 x 69mm 5V 1.25W Polycrystalline Solar Panel..
Brand: e-Gizmo UPC: 211200008
SIM800L Evaluation Board with DC/DC Converter Power Supply Circuit- Replaceable SIM800L Module- On board logic level transistor circuit makes it compa..
UPC: 240700100
Desoldering PumpFull Aluminum Alloy Body..
UPC: 111200006
8-wire Ribbon with Female HeaderHeader pitch= 2mm, Ribbon wire Lenght=103mm..
UPC: 211100012
Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance SensorOperating Voltage: 5VFrequency: 40KHzDetection Distance Range: 0.25-4.5MControl I/O: Trig/RX, Echo/TX ..
UPC: 210900008
USB Host Shield V2 ADKSupports Google ADK - lets you connect and transfer data to your Android OS phonesSupport for other USB devices and USB HUB func..
UPC: 211100011
Microphone Sound Sensor ModuleWith Analog and Digital outputAdjustable comparator digital output with LED indicator Wiring : Sample Ar..
UPC: 210900009
Micro USB Connector Breakout Board..
UPC: 111200005
10 wire Jumper Wire L=20cmwith Male/Female termination..
UPC: 111700001
Jumper Wire with Alligator Clip TerminationL=35cmColor: Assorted colorsQty: 10 wiresNotes:Wire colors may vary from what is shown in the image..
UPC: 211000008
5V 3A Step down converter with USB socketInput Voltage: 6-24VDCOutput Voltage: 5.1-5.2VOutput Current: 3A max, 2A continousOutput Ripple: 10mV @ 12V i..
UPC: 210900006
USB Host ADK ModulePower Supply: 3.3VDCInterface: SPISupports HUB function communication with Android and other USB devices...
Brand: Maxim UPC: 150400001
Hot Swap RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers Package/Image: SOIC-8..
UPC: 210900007
Snap quick learning board for gizDuino/Arduino4-Digit seven segment with DriversPush Button Switch (3)BuzzerLED indicators (4)And socket for additiona..
UPC: 231000016
GT2 Timing PulleyNumber of Teeth: 20Pitch: 2mmWidth: 6mmBore: 5mm..
Pickit 3 with Programming Adapter Pickit 3 with Programming Adapter
New -16 %
UPC: 580013278
The PICkit 3 programmer/debugger is a simple, low- cost in - circuit debugger that is controlled by a PC running MPLAB IDE (v8...
₱885.00 ₱1,057.00
UPC: 210300004
7-segment 8-digit Display ModuleController: MAX7219Supply Voltage: 3.3-5.0VLED Display: 10mm RedInterface: 3-wire Serial Downloads : Sample ..
UPC: 211200006
Bluetooth 4,0 ModuleCompatible with Android and IOSCompatible with HM-10 ModuleCC2540/CC2541 Radio ChipPower: 3.3V or 5VDCInterface: UART 5V logic or ..
Brand: MBL UPC: 231000013
Timing BeltPitch: 3mmCircumference: 792mmWidth: 6mmGenuine MBL Belt..
Brand: Bando UPC: 231000012
Timing BeltPitch: 3mmCircumference: 951 mmWidth: 6 mmGenuine Bando Belt..
Brand: MBL UPC: 231000014
Timing BeltPitch: 2mmCircumference: 144mmWidth: 4mmGenuine MBL Belt..
Brand: MBL UPC: 231000015
Timing BeltPitch: 2mmCircumference: 114mmWidth: 4mmGenuine MBL Belt..
UPC: 210600007
8 Channel relay boardOptocoupler isolated drivers5V coil voltage10A Relay Contact..


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