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Metro Manila MECQ
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Metro Manila MECQ
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Latest Kits & Modules

Product ID: 211000023
Specifications; (Please see Notes)Input Voltage: 4.5-40VDC Adjustable Output Voltage Range: 1.25-37VDCOutput Current: 3A Max Digital Display: 3-digit..
Product ID: 211000024
Specifications; (Please see Notes)Input Voltage: 3.5-12VDC Adjustable Output Voltage Range: 1.25-24VDCOutput Power: 2-3WDigital Display: 3-digit 7 se..
Product ID: 211000022
Important: This BMS is designed to work with 3.2V(Nominal) LiFepO4 batteries only. Maximum Discharge Current: 30A Continous, 56A momentaryCharging Cur..
Brand: e-Gizmo Product ID: 210600014
Important: The price indicated is per channel of the board (e.g. If you need 3 channels, order 3 pcs).e-Gizmo 1 to 5 Channels 12V Relay board uses a m..
Product ID: 211200014
If you want to get into home automation but wary about exposing your system on the internet, then this board may be just right for you. This 4-channel..
Product ID: 211200015
If you want to get into home automation but wary about exposing your system on the internet, then this board may be just right for you. This 4-channel..
Brand: Raspberry Pi Product ID: 211100033
Official Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2.1The Raspberry Pi board camera module is single channel, 8 megapixels and supports CSI-2 bus interface. It has ..
Product ID: 210200039
NodeMCU-32SESP32-WROOM-32D IOT Development Board32-bit RISC-V MCU with Wifi and Bluetooth- 4MB Flash- 28 pins- MicroUSB PC Connectivity- 5V Power Sup..
Product ID: 211000021
Input Voltage Range: DC 3V-35VAdjustable Output Voltage: 4V-40VDCLoad Capacity: 80W Max.Important Warning:Do not adjust the output voltage higher than..
Product ID: 210400003
This module allows your microcontroller module to connect to the RS485 bus of a system or device. RS485 is a robust industrial strength physical conne..
Product ID: 211100031
MELEXIS MLX90614ESF-BAA-000-TU-ND non-contact infrared thermometer breakout board.Operating Voltage: 8-16VDCTemperature Measurement Range: -70 to 380C..
Brand: e-Gizmo Product ID: 210200038
The road to Arduino mastery begins with a blinking LED. This kit is a beginner to advanced Arduino self-learning package that you will not outgrow eas..

Latest Stuffs

Product ID: 131900002
Isolation type transformer has secondary windings separate from the primary windings (i.e., no electrical/galvanic connection). It blocks harmful powe..
Product ID: 110300008
High-speed good quality USB 3.0 compliant Type A to Micro-B Cable. - USB 3.0 compliant. - Downward compatible with USB 2.0- Hig- quality JEM, Style 20..
Brand: Pheonix Contact Product ID: 110900015
PCB Terminal Block 2-layers 8x12 (16-way)Premium BrandRated Current: 13.5ARated Voltage: 400VPitch: 5.08mmConnection Method: Screw Connection with pre..
Brand: Cherry Product ID: 131700019
High-precision switch with high repeat accuracy.Premium BrandRated Current: 0.1ARated Voltage: 250VACElectrical Life: 6000/50000 Operations UL/EN minT..
Brand: Phoenix Contact Product ID: 110900014
Heavy Duty PCB solderable pluggable connectorPremium BrandNumber of Poles: 9Nominal Current: 12ARated Voltage: 630VWire Size: 24AWG to 16AWGPin Spacin..
Brand: Cherry Product ID: 131700018
Branded Limit Snap Switch IP6K7 temporary water immersion safe.Premium BrandContact Configuration: SPDTSwitching Voltage: 250VAC maxSwitched Current: ..
Brand: CapXon Product ID: 101000009
CapXon (Taiwan) KF Series Low Impedance CapacitorCapacitance: 4700uF +/-20%Working Voltage: 25VDCMax. Impedance @100KHz: 0.024RDissipation Factor: 12%..
Product ID: 240200011
Ichiban Solder Wire Rosin CoreDiameter: 1.0mmAlloy: Tin 60% Lead 40%Lenght: 2Meters (11g) Approx...
Product ID: 101100014
1000uF 50VSize; d16 x 16.5H mmVoltage Code: H =50VDC Package/Image: ec160x165..
Product ID: 110600020
IEC 320 angled connector works well in tight spaces where the straight AC cord forces your TV (PC, other appliances) to take-up more space than is nec..
Product ID: 130300003
High Flux Ferrite Toroidal CorePermeability (u) : 125Inductance per Turn AL: 72nH/N^2Cross Section: 0.1920 cm^2Path Length: 4.11 cmWindow Area: 0.713c..
Brand: Sumida Product ID: 120800023
Magnetically Shielded SMD Power InductorInductance: 7.0uH +/-20%DC Resistance: 13mR at 20C TypicalSaturation Current: 6.6A at 100CDimensions: 12L x 12..


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