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Raspberry Pi 4
Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM Available by mid October!
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Free Velvet Pouch on selected gizDuino and e-Gizmo robot products.
SIM800L EVB Module with On Board GSM Power Supply Unit
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BatMobot 3-wheel Proportional Steering with Distance Profiling Sensor & Wireless Remote
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Maze Bot
Path (Maze) Navigating Robot kit with Sonar and IR collision sensors
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One Arm Mobot
3-DOF Arm Programmable Mobile Robot Kit with Wireless Remote Control
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6WD All Terrain bot
All Terrain 6-wheel drive Programmable Robot Kit
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gizDuino UNO-SE
Student's Edition
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Workshop for Educators
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Brand: Multicomp Product ID: 110500001
Angled Quick Disconnect Terminal FemaleSpade TerminalTab Size: 6.35X 0.81mmWire Capacity:22- 18 AWGTerminal Material: Brass, tin plated..
Product ID: 110600008
Premium AC Cord with 2 pole US Type A Plug, Grounding Lug, and IEC C13 3-pin endLenght: 1.8MConductor: 0.75mm2 (AWG 18) x 3..
Product ID: 211000011
5A 2S Li-ion BMS Charger Protection BoardProvides charge balancing, overcharging ang over current protection for two Li-ion batteries.Overcharge Volta..
Product ID: 210700003
2 Channel PWM Motor DriverFor driving and PWM control of up to two DC brush motor or 1 bipolar stepper motorOpeartion Voltage: 2V-10VDCCurrent: 1.5A C..
Product ID: 101900001
4.7uF 20V 20% Tolerance Tantalum SMDEIA 3216 3.2Lx1.6Wx1.6H mm Package/Image: eia3216-18..
Product ID: 101900003
4.7u 10VDC 20% Tolerance EIA2012-12 (0805) Package/Image: eia2012-12..
Product ID: 101900002
22uF 16V 20% Tolerance EIA3528 Package/Image: eia3528-12..
Universal Phone Charger Universal Phone Charger
New -38 %
Product ID: 130000005
5V 750mA Universal Phone Chargerwith:- Retractable charging cable with 3.5mm barrel plug- 5 adapter tips (mini-USB, micro-USB, etc)UL/CUL safety liste..
₱155.00 ₱250.00
CG-115 Li Charger
New -50 %
Brand: Hitec Product ID: 130100010
2S & 3S Intelligent Li Balance ChargerInput Voltage: 10-18VDC Note: Requires separte DC adapterCharge Current: 1.2APower: 15WOutput short circuit/wron..
₱750.00 ₱1,500.00
C-6310-0250 Brushless C-6310-0250 Brushless
New -37 %
Brand: Himax Product ID: 230300011
Himax Outrunner Brushless Motor (Multiplex)High power high speed brushless DC Motor3-phase 12-pole 48AMax Output: 450WMax RPM: 10,000Weight: 235gDia: ..
₱1,950.00 ₱3,100.00
Brand: Tramigo Product ID: 130000004
Automotive 12-24V to 5V 1000mA DC/DC converterIn-line input fusemini-USB output terminalMade in Finland...
Product ID: 131400005
Miniature switch 2 pole 2 position DPDTDC 6V 0.3A..
Product ID: 121000002
20V 2.3A 1.25W P Channel Logic MosfetRDS(on) 130mR VGS= -4.5V Package/Image: SOT23..
Brand: Toshiba Product ID: 181300002
Optocoupler Transistor OutputVceo: 80VDCCTR: >100%If: 60mASwitching Characteristics at RL=1.9Kton - 1.5usts - 25ustoff - 50us Package/Image: SMD-4..
Brand: Salecom Product ID: 131800001
Miniature Toggle Switch SPDTLong 21mm paddle5A @ 125VAC or 28VDCContact Resistance: 10mR MaxUL Listed, Made in Taiwan..
Product ID: 131700006
Miniature SPST Push Button Switch..
Product ID: 230600005
Servo Wire / Cable 30cmFemale termination on one end onlyFor mid size servo motors..
Product ID: 230600004
Servo Extension wire / Cable 60cmMale and Female endsFor small servo motors..
Product ID: 152100008
5V 500mA Low Dropout Voltage Regulator-High precision output Vo+/- 1%- Dropout Voltage 0.18V @ 300mA- ON/OFF Control Package/Image: DPAK-5..
Product ID: 152100009
3.3V 1A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator-High precision output Vo+/- 1%- Dropout Voltage 0.2V @ 600mA Package/Image: DPAK..
Product ID: 131400004
Miniature switch 1 pole 3 position 1P3TDC 30V 0.3A..
Product ID: 240000020
Battery Holder for 6 AA size battery..
Product ID: 202300002
10KB + 10KB XY Joystick..
Product ID: 211000010
1A Power Bank Module with FREE Case!3.7V (1S) Li-ion Battery Charger and Boost Converter - Battery state of Charge and Charging LED indicators- Charge..


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