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5V Relay module with 10A contact- Buffered input (Active High)- LED Indicators- NO/NC Terminals- 220VAC Rated Contacts..
Extruded Case 215x110x70 Extruded Case 215x110x70
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Aluminum Extruded Case Blue Anodizedwith Acrylic side coversAnodized Blue finish with markings Dimensions (approx) 215L x 100W x 70H mmNote: This is a used discounted item. Expect some minor scratches/dents. Printed numbers and markings will vary...
₱399.00 ₱1,012.00
4 Channel 5V Relay module with 10A contact- Opto isolated input- LED Indicators- NO/NC Terminals- 220VAC Rated Contacts..
Brand: Murata
Piezoelectric Sounder self drive typePassive 3-wire piezoelectric buzzerSound Level = 105 dB @ 12V drive, 10cm distanceResonant Frequency: 3.4 +/- 0.4 kHzCurrent: 20mA maxVoltage: 4.5 to 18VNote: Requires simple external circuit to generate (loud) sound...
Capacitive Fingerprint ReaderSmall and thin size profile: 33.3x20.4x4 mmVoltage :DC 4.2-6.0VUART PortSensing array: 160*160 pixelEffective collection area: 12.8 * 12.8 (mm)Scanning Speed Less than 0.2 secondVerification Speed Less than 0.3 secondMatching Method: 1:1; 1:NResolution 508 DPIFRR (False..
Capacitive Proximity Sensor NPN OutputDetects metal and non metallic objectsExample: Plastic, water, glass, oil, powder, etcPower: 6V-36VDCDetection Distance: 1-10mmOutput Switch Type: NPNImportant: This device output voltages harmful to the gizDuino/Arduino boards. A level translator interface circ..
40 pins/pcs Ribbon Jumper Wire20 cm Male to Male..
40 pins/pcs Ribbon Jumper Wire20 cm Male to Female..
40 pins/pcs Ribbon Jumper Wire20 cm Female to Female..
Analog output 2-axis Thumb JoystickWith push switch output- 5 pins terminal configuration: +5V GND VRX VRY SW Specifications : Power Input 5VDC Output Analog : X-Axis : 0 - 1023 Y-Axis : 0 - 1023 Button : 1 || 0 Downloads : Hardware Manual Download Sampl..
110 x 69mm 5V 1.25W Polycrystalline Solar Panel..
Brand: e-Gizmo
SIM800L Evaluation Board with DC/DC Converter Power Supply Circuit- Replaceable SIM800L Module- On board logic level transistor circuit makes it compatible with 5V and 3.3V MCU boards- Compatible with gizDuino/Arduino and SIM800L Libraries- Same pinout as SIM800L EVBGSM Power Input: 9V to 12VDC (Use..
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