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Brand: micro
3.3V 500mA LDO Voltage Regulator Package/Image: SOT89..
IR Line sensor based on TCRT5000Operating Voltage: 3.3 to 5VAnalog and digital OutputAdjustable sensitivity Wiring : Connection to gizDuino SE (Digital Output). Code for Digital Output : Connection to gizDuino SE (Analog Output). Code for Analog Output: 27-30 (white) 32-37 (black)..
Brand: ON
40V 6A Dual Schottky common cathode Package/Image: DPAK..
PH ProbePH Range: 0-14BNC TerminationNote: Probe only. Amplifier module not included..
Brand: e-Gizmo
AVR 32-bit AT32UC3C2128C MCU BoardProgram Memory: 128KSRAM: 36KI/O pins: 45SPI, I2C, 2MSPS ADC, DAC, ETHERNET,USB (device + OTG)..
ATtiny85 USB development module- on board 5V regulator- PCB USB port- 6 I/O (2 used by USB)- 8K Flash, 12C, SPI..
1.8V 500mA LDO voltage regulator- 1V dropoutVin max: 15VDC Package/Image: SOT89..
20x4 LCD Display Blue
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20 characters x 4 lines Blue LCD ModuleHD44780 compatible chipSTN Blue5V Nominal operating voltage..
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NodeMCU ESP8266 CH340 NodeMCU ESP8266 CH340
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NodeMCU ESP8266 Ver 3Flash Memory: 4MbytesI/O: UART, SPI,I2C,I2S,GPIO,PWMOperating Voltage: 3.0-3.6VUSB Bridge: CH340GExpansion/Base board (sold separately): Link: Programming ESP-12E using Arduino IDE (Also Compatible in Arduino IDE 1.8.8) Link..
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NodeMCU Backplane NodeMCU Backplane
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Backplane/Development board for NodeMCU Ver 3With on board 5V input voltage regulator...
Adjustable Output Voltage step down converter up to 3ABased on LM2956S SMPS ICTopology: Buck ConverterInput Voltage Range: 3.2-35VOutput Voltage: Adjustable 1.25V-35VOutput Current: 2.5A nominal, 3A with heatsink mountedConversion Efficiency: Up to 92%..
5V Relay module with 10A contact- Buffered input (Active Low)- LED Indicators- NO/NC Terminals- 220VAC Rated Contacts..
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