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Discrete Sensors

Brand: Kodenshi
High Sensitivity NPN Photo TransistorVCEO : 20VIC: 20mAPeak Wavelenght: 800nmHalf Angle: +/- 50 degreesDark Current: 1-200nALight Current: 0.1-10mA @ 1000lux..
Brand: LEM
100A AC/DC Hall Effect Current SensorCompensated closed-loop Hall EffectGood Linearity and low temperature drift..
Brand: LEM
+/-45A AC/DC Hall Effect Current SensorOpen Loop Hall EffectSupply Voltage: 12V-15VDCAccuracy: 1%BW: 50KHz..
Brand: LEM
25A AC-DC Hall effect Current Sensor..
Brand: OMRON
Dual Channel Transmissive Optical Sensor..
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