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Brand: e-Gizmo
Relay Module 5V 10A with transistor driver- 5V Relay coil Voltage- 10A 220VAC NO/NC contact- Screw terminals- 3V to 5V drive voltage..
Soldering kit for SMD ComponentsThrough hole components are definitely on their way out. And you do not want to be left behind able to build only circuits based on outdated technology. Time to upgrade your skill. This kit will allow you to practice soldewring SMD components. Solder, unsolder, and re..
AM/FM Radio Assembly KitBuild it yourself Transistor AM/FM Radio KitCircuit built around CD9088 FM Receiver IC, TA7642 AM Receiver, and TDA2822 Audio Amplier IC.No IFT to alignThis is a great kit for intermediate builders (not recommended for beginners) wishing to learn by building AM/FM radio circ..
AM Radio Assembly KitBuild it yourself Transistor AM Radio KitClassic Superhet AM Radio Circuit with IF 3-stage IF transformerFully discrete transistor design, no IC, Transformer Coupled Audio AmplifierThis is a great kit for intermediate builders (not recommended for beginners) wishing to learn by ..
Analog Line Tracking RobotClassic Analog Control Circuit,No Programming required. Notes: - This kit is supplied in disassembled form. Assembly and soldering required.- 2xAA Batteries not included in the kit and is sold separately...
Build it Yourself Electronic Dice KitThis kit will generate random dice pattern each time a key is pressed.It is a great kit for beginners wishing to hone their soldering skills. Notes : - External 5V power supply is required to operate the project. An external power supply is not included in this ..
Brand: e-Gizmo
8A DC Motor DriverOperating Voltage : 6V to 24VDCDevice : VNH5050A Peak Drive: 30 Amps (internally limited)Drive Ampacity: 8 Amps w/ heatsink 4 Amps no HeatsinkOverload Ampacity: 8 Amps for 25 secs (no heatsink) 10 Amps for 45 secs (with heatsink)Fault Indicators: Output Short Circuit Thermal Shu..
Brand: e-Gizmo
AC Power Analyzer 20A/4400VA in an acrylic shell.AC Only Power Analyzer utilizing Hall Effect current sensor for greater power handling capacity.This AC Power Analyzer is a true energy monitoring circuit that measures with precision the following AC line parameters for a comprehensive electricity en..
Model Number: HCW-M421 Timer Module Power Input: 6 to 30V DC MicroUSB Alternate Power Input (No Actual USB Function) Opto isolated Trigger Input Output Ampacity: 5A @ 220V AC LED Digital Display PCB Dimensions: 63 mm x 42 mm Downloads : Digital Time..
0-12.5MHz Direct Digital SynthesisSine/Triangle/Square wave Function GeneratorBased on AD9833 ChipSPI Interface This is a AD9833 breakout board.Additonal support components are needed to build a complete stand alone Function Generator Sample Sketch Link..
3-Band Equalizer/Tone Control ModuleLow cost transistor tone control with Bass, Mid, and Treble controlsSupply Voltage: 6-15VDCBass Control: +/- 10dB at 100HzMid Control: +/- 10dB at 1KHzTreble Control: +/- 10dB at 10KHzInsertion Loss: 2dBRecommended Input Level: 1Vrms @ 12V Supply VoltageTHD: 0.2% ..
LCD with I2C I/F 2x16 LCD with I2C I/F 2x16
-43 %
2x16 LCD Module with I2C BoardLimited Stock.Visit the e-Gizmo TechBlog! for more info. Click here!..
₱120.00 ₱210.00
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