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*Robotic Stuffs

DC Motor 3-6V with 12-tooth Brass GearWired with L=130mm shielded cable with 2mm pitch wafer terminationWith noise reducing capacitors already installed...
DIY Robot CRawler DIY Robot CRawler
By Order
Robot Crawler KitSupplied as a part kit set- Assembly is required1.5V Battery not includedRecommended for kids 10yrs - 99 yrs old...
PBOT 2018 PBOT 2018
By Order
Brand: e-Gizmo
Our e-Gizmo PBOT 2018 version is our newest Entry Level Mobile Robot Kit.Better and cheaper.It is equipped with an All-in-One Mobile Robot Controller with on-board MCU ATMEGA168P or ATMEGA328P (Optional). It has 3 Channel Collision Sensors, 3-Channel Line Sensors with Line Calibration, Motor Driver,..
Aluminum Steering LinkageMachined Aluminum Alloy Blue color47.2mm across..
Plastic Bracket 12W x 15H x 30L x 2.4T mmPrice Shown is per piece.Available in 3 colors..
Nylon Bracket 27.5W x 27.5H x 27.5L x 3.5T mmPrice Shown is per piece.Available in 5 colors4pcs self tapping screws included..
Micromotor & Wheel Set with CoverVoltage: 3-12VDCExposed metal gear assembly..
Assorted Nylon Gears (1bag)A Bagful of Nylon gearsincludes a pair of linear gear for rack and pinion applications...
Give you kids (and yourself) something to tinker with this summer. This Educational Solar Powered Car costs almost next to nothing, and yet it can propel your kids into the exciting world of Robotics.Assemble it yourself - Supplied in Kit (Disassembled) form.Recommended age : 10 -109 years old.Conta..
Favorable engine of the A5 watt class. Suitable for glider models up to 1800g; 3D model aircraft from approximately 500g to 700g; for aerobatic models up to 500g. The ideal 175 watts motor for the Easy Glider PRO or similar models. Specifications : Power Range 175 Watts No-load curre..
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