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Gear Motor 12VDC 110RPM2.09Wd4 x10mm Drive Shaft with brass insertPlastic BlacketFPC Wire connectionNote: This is a used surplus item tested in good working condition. Expect posiible minor scratches, dents, and surface discoloration...
Brand: Minebea
Mini Stepping Motor with 12-teeth GearBipolar, 19 ohms/windingTerminal Connection: A - pins 1 & 3 B- pins 4 & 6100 steps per revolution (3.6 deg per step)Size: 25x25x21mm..
12V Unipolar Stepping Motor15 degrees/step50 ohms CoilFitted with 11 teeth Brass GearWire Lenght: 350mm with 2mm pitch 5-pin wafer terminationMotor Dimensions: Dia=25 Thickness=15.5 Shaft Lenght = 29 mm..
DC Motor 3-6V with 12-tooth Brass GearWired with L=130mm shielded cable with 2mm pitch wafer terminationWith noise reducing capacitors already installed...
Brass Motor Coupling m3.5x7d3.5mm threaded x d7.0mmL=18mmWith pair of locking nut and Hex driver..
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Micromotor & Wheel Set with CoverVoltage: 3-12VDCExposed metal gear assembly..
Favorable engine of the A5 watt class. Suitable for glider models up to 1800g; 3D model aircraft from approximately 500g to 700g; for aerobatic models up to 500g. The ideal 175 watts motor for the Easy Glider PRO or similar models. Specifications : Power Range 175 Watts No-load curre..
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Micro Motor Speed Reduction Gear 12V..
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Maxon 467826 24V
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Brand: MAXON
Maxon DC Geared Motor 31.7 Torque..
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Stepping motor (FK2-0025 02)..
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