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Capacitors: AC-Rated

Brand: Panasonic
Genuine Panasonic Metallized Polyester Class X2 AC CapacitorCapacitance: 0.47uF +/- 20%Rated Voltage: 275VACApplication: Interference SuppressionDielectric: MPETDissipation Factor:..
Brand: KEMET
High quality AC Metallized Polypropylene Film (MKP) encapsulated with self extinguishing epoxy resin in a box of material recognized to UL 94 V–0.Kemet P/N: PHE840MF6680MF11R06L2Capacitance: 680nF +/- 20%Working Voltage: 275VAC 50/60HzWorking Temperature: 105CSelf Resonant Frequency: 1.5MHzdV/dT: 10..
Brand: RIFA
PME X2 All safety standards..
High Voltage Cap. Package/Image: ceramichv2..
MKT Metalized Polyester Cap. Package/Image: box3..
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High Voltage Cap. Package/Image: ceramichv2..
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