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Soldering and Consumables

Clear Acrylic 35x16 inches  1.6mmT
New Pre-Order
Clear Acrylic 35x16 inches 1.6mmTFor in-store/pickup purchase only. Shipping not possible..
Ichiban Solder Wire Rosin CoreDiameter: 1.0mmAlloy: Tin 60% Lead 40%Lenght: 2Meters (11g) Approx...
Genuine Kester No Clean Leaded Soldering WireAlloy: Sn-63% PB-37%Diameter: 1.0mmCore: 58Flux: 245 2.2%Net Weight: 1/2 kg (500g) 1.1lbMade in USA..
Brand: Senju
Soldering LeadComposition: Sn60 Pb40Solder Wire Diameter: 1.0mmMelting Point: 183CWeight: 1kgFlux: JIS A ClassSenju Solder JapanMade in the Philippines..
Heat Shrinkable Tube d5mm Heat Shrinkable Tube d5mm
Brand: Sumitube
Heat shrinkable Insulating tube ID 5mmVW-1 125CUL Safety ApprovalPre-cut Lenght: 3ft (1 yard) Weight: 2.4g..
Heat Shrinkable Tube d2mm Heat Shrinkable Tube d2mm
Heat shrinkable Insulating tube ID 2mmVW-1 125CUL Safety ApprovalPre-cut Lenght: 3ft (1 yard) Weight: 2.4g..
SR-LA LFM86S Lead Free So
Almit SR-LA Lead Free Solder Wire 0.8mmDiameter: 0.8mmNet Weight: 800gFlux: 3.5%Composition: 99%Tin 0.3% Silver 0.7% CopperMelting Range: 217-228CFearures:SAC, Low Silver Content, Reduces Tip ConsumptionMade in Japan..
Brand: Almit SR-LA
Soldering Lead 0.8mm (LEAD FREE)..
Brand: NITTO
High Quality Electrical TapeColor: BlackThickness: 0.11mmWidth: 10mmLenght: 25 MetersMade in Taiwan..
Kester SN63PB37 0.5mm
-53 %
Brand: Kester
Soldering lead 250gSN63 PB37 0.5mm DiameterFlux 245 Core 58Genuine Kester Soldering Lead..
₱450.00 ₱950.00
Kester 0.5mm Sn63Pb37 Kester 0.5mm Sn63Pb37
-52 % Pre-Order
Brand: Kester
Soldering lead 500gSN63 PB37 0.5mm DiameterFlux 245 Core 58 2.2% FluxGenuine Kester Soldering LeadMade in USA..
₱785.00 ₱1,620.00
Quick setting Cyanoacrylate superglue..
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