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Instrumentation and Precision Circuits

36V High Side Current Sense Amplifier Package/Image: SOT23-5..
3V LDO Voltage Reference Package/Image: SOT23-6..
5V +/-0.1% 15ppm/c Vref Package/Image: SOIC-8..
Quad Precision OPAMP Package/Image: SOIC-14..
Dual Precision Op Amp 5V Package/Image: DIP-8..
2.5V Precision Voltage Reference Package/Image: SOIC-8..
Brand: LT
uPower Voltage Reference 2.5V +/-20mV Package/Image: TO92..
Brand: LT
uPower Voltage Reference 1.2V +/-4mV Package/Image: TO92..
Adjutsable Precision Refrence Package/Image: TO92..
3.0V Precision voltage reference Package/Image: SOT23..
Precision Digital Gain Set App. Package/Image: DIP-16..
Precision Instrumentation Amp Package/Image: SOIC-16..
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