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800V 1A sensitive gate 10mA IgtTRIAC Package/Image: SOT223..
800V 1A Sensitive gate 5mA/7mA IgtTRIAC Package/Image: SOT223..
600V 4A 25mA IGTTRIAC Package/Image: TO202..
800V 4A 10mA IGTTRIAC Package/Image: TO202..
600V 4A Sensitive gate TRIAC Package/Image: TO202..
SENS GATE 600V 4A TO202TRIAC Package/Image: TO202..
*600V 1A TRIAC Package/Image: TO92..
600V 1.5A 10mA IGT TriacTRIAC Package/Image: TO92..
800 V, 8 A, silicon triac TRIAC Package/Image: TO220..
Triac 600V/6A/5/10mA TRIAC Package/Image: TO220..
400V 4A IGT25mA TRIAC Package/Image: TO220..
SCR 600V/12A TRIAC Package/Image: TO220..
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