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gizDuino + Mini with ATmega164 with pins gizDuino + Mini with ATmega164 with pins
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Brand: e-Gizmo
gizDuino Plus series of Arduino Compatible boards are built around ATMEGAxx4p series of microcontrollers- a series of more advance micros than the xx8p series used in the Arduino Uno. It has two hardware UARTS, 12 additional I/O ports, and larger memory capacity (ATMEGA644P variant). You can build a..
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gizDuino IOT-644 gizDuino IOT-644
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Brand: e-Gizmo
Our new gizDuino Internet-Of-Things (IOT)-644 an Arduino Compatible platform with on-board 100MBps Ethernet for your IOT project. Double memory capacity ATMEGA644 + Wiznet W5500 + uSD Card Reader + Standard Shield Socket.Specifications :Power Input7 - 9 V DC (External) MCUATmega644P @ 16MHz&nbs..
₱986.00 ₱1,350.00
Brand: e-Gizmo
Mobile Robot Kit with on-board 3Ch collision sensor, 3Ch line sensor, motor driver and a two-motor 3-wheel drive chassis. Shield style interface connectors allows you to use a controller of your preference. Available controllers includes e-Gizmo AVR based gizDuino (Arduino clone) and its variants li..
Mini Conveyor Single Narrow
Brand: e-Gizmo
Mini Conveyor prototyping wide or narrow lets you create a miniature factory for presentations or projects.Belt Dimensions : 43.4 x 9 x 9cm LWHChassis Dimensions : 46 x 10.5 x 11 LWHNOTE: COLOR MAY VARY DEPENDING ON THE ACRYLIC AVAILABILITY. Chassis Assembly video Guide 3D..
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