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64pins Socket Strip long
Brand: e-Gizmo
64pins female con.double strip long pins..
Brand: e-Gizmo
60 pins female connector socket..
Brand: e-Gizmo
MKT RADIAL LACQUERED CAPACITORS (Dipped Type) - Orange Low inductive wound cell of metallized (PETP) Polyester film Manufacturer P/N: PCMT-365-78474Capacitance: 470nF +/-5%Working Voltage: 63VDCTemperature Range: -55C to +105CPerformance Grade: 1 (Long Life)Dimensions:4W x 6.8L x 8.5h mmLead Spacin..
Minibot Prime
Brand: e-Gizmo
MiniBot Prime mobile robot kit with 3 Infrared Proximity Sensor module that enables the robot to detect obstacles up front,30 degrees left and Right. With open circuit design, the minibot enables the user to add more peripherals to satisfy their target functions.  Fast mobile robot kit with th..
Brand: e-Gizmo
Seven segments LED Display units posses some qualities that are  mot easily replaced by newer display systems (like LCDs), hence, cintinues to be popular even with the proliferation of cheaper LCD based systems, They are usually more visible especially when viewed at a distance, oftentimes more..
gizDuino + 644 Starter Kit with 2x16 LCD gizDuino + 644 Starter Kit with 2x16 LCD
-14 %
Brand: e-Gizmo
Are you new to robotics and microcontrollers? Want to learn programming and basic robotics interfacing?This Starter Kit is the most suitable for you! it contains the most basic learning materials for microcontroller programming and interfacing.The package contains the following parts:8pcs - 560 ohms..
₱1,313.00 ₱1,518.00
Mini Conveyor Double Narrow
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Brand: e-Gizmo
Mini Conveyor prototyping wide or narrow lets you create a miniature factory for presentations or projects.Belt Dimensions : 85.5 x 9 x 9cm LWHChassis Dimensions : 88 x 10.5 x 11cm LWHNOTE: COLOR MAY VARY DEPENDING ON THE ACRYLIC AVAILABILITY...
₱2,999.00 ₱3,999.00
Brand: e-Gizmo
A 68W continuous average (@ 4ohms), 0.0028% THD, and 104dB SNR Audio power amplifier kit that gives you a high end performance at low cost. These figures are not taken from the specification sheets, they are data taken by actual measurements done in our lab.Using the LM3886 chip highly rated by seas..
₱430.00 ₱457.00
Brand: e-Gizmo
Robotic Arm Assembly*Mechanical Assembly only. No Controller/electronics. These are sold separately-3x MG996 Servo Motor for ARM-2x SG90 Servo Motor for the Gripper- Materials: 5mm/3mm Laser Cut AcrylicNote: Color may vary from the photos shown. Optional : Servo Soft Starter  7V 4.3A 5.5mm A..
Brand: e-Gizmo
GSMIO is highly configurable application specific SMS based board that you can use to add SMS remote control functionality to your projects, fast and easy. With GSMIO, you have no longer need to get through all those long and difficult programs normally associated with developing SMS devices. Thus w..
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