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GSM Remote I/O Kit

GSM Remote I/O Kit
GSM Remote I/O Kit
GSM Remote I/O Kit
GSM Remote I/O Kit
GSM Remote I/O Kit
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GSMIO is highly configurable application specific SMS based board that you can use to add SMS remote control functionality to your projects, fast and easy. With GSMIO, you have no longer need to get through all those long and difficult programs normally associated with developing SMS devices. Thus with it, you can focus your effort to the more important functions of your project.

GSMIO is packed with just about everything you need to remotely control and monitor devices. In a lot of applications, it might be all that you need.

Demo Video :

Features :
28 I/O pins you can freely configure to function as input or output
SMS Remote Control and monitoring of each pin
independent auto OFF timers for each pins
5 ports can be configured to work as 10bit ADC port
Serial functions allows you to connect and SMS remotely control add-ins serial devices with the GSMIO
Configurable ALARM pin turns your GSMIO into a SMS based alarm unit
Easy to use configuration menu allows you to setup GSMIO according to your needs
Ports alias feature allows you to rename ports to your preferences
Host of supported remote SMS commands
Uses a newer and better SIM800 GSM Module
With voice enable commands or automatic answering the incoming call
Most secure device good for your home automation projects or other applications via SMS control

Specifications :
Input supply
5-9VDC (External)
Required current
1-2.6A (External)
Serial Communication
Normal operating temperature
(-40degC to 85 degC)
SIM interface
Supports SIM card 1.8V, 3V
Physical characteristics

Size: 24x24x3mm

Weight: 3.2g

PCB Dimension: 64x64mm

Downloads :
Technical Manual
Schematic Diagram
Configuration guides & Software
Connection Diagram for GPS to GSMIO
PCB Layout

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