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Rotary Encoder Break-out Board

Rotary Encoder Break-out Board
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Rotary Encoder Break-out Board
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Rotating controls are our most ergonomic way of adjusting something, and is the preferred method over push buttons, especially when it involves fast and repeated adjustments. (For example, a potentiometer for volume control.) But digital circuits are not exactly well suited for analog potentiometer type of controls. This Rotary Encoder Breakout board fills that gap. It allows your circuit to work in purely digital signal while getting that potentiometer analog feel.

Every indent output a pulse that can be easily counted by any microcontroller circuit, allowing your applications to determine how much the encoder switch has been rotated. It has another identical output,  but  90 degrees out of phase, to allow easy detection of the direction of rotation (cw or ccw).

It also has a push switch that you can use freely for other functions, such as saving settings.

Specifications :
Power Input 5VDC
16.2mm X 37.5mm

Downloads :
Technical Manual
Schematic Diagram & PCB Layout
Sample Arduino/gizDuino Sketch

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