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Starter Kit w/ IOT 644

Starter Kit w/ IOT 644
Starter Kit w/ IOT 644
Ship in 1-3 days
Starter Kit w/ IOT 644
Starter Kit w/ IOT 644
Starter Kit w/ IOT 644
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gizDuino IOT644 is an Arduino Compatible platform, and on board Ethernet and micro USB interface are 100% code compatible.

Starter Kit is your most suitable for Basic Learning Arduino kit. It contains micro controller Platform , easy programming and interfacing components.

The following Parts are:

8            560 Ohms Resistors 1/4W
8            RED LED 5mm
8            GREEN LED 5mm
1            10K Potentiometer
1            3 pins male connector
4            2 pins male connector
1            CLEAR LED 5mm
1            1N4002 Diode
3            10k or 12k ohms resistor 1/4W
1            2.2k ohms resistor
1            LDR 2pins
1            DC Motor
20         Connecting Wires
1            LM35 or LM34 Temperature Sensor
2            Button Switch
1            Relay 5V Ea2-4.5NU
1            SG-90 Servo Motor
1            Transistor MPS2222A
1            74LS595 Shift Register IC
1            +5V Buzzer
1            220 ohms resistor
1            10 ohms resistor
1            USB cable
1            gizDuino IOT-644 (ATmega644P)
1            Solderless breadboard (ZY-60)
1            2x16 LCD display module with I2C

Downloads :
Getting Started with gizDuino boards (How to Install the Arduino IDE and Driver)
gizDuino IOT-644 Hardware Manual
gizDuino PLUS Starter kit Guide
Arduino Sample Sketch(Basic)
Prolific Driver Installer (Windows)
PL2303 Prolific driver (MacOSX)
Arduino 1.8.13 with gizduino boards list and Ardublock (Windows Only!)
Arduino 1.0.6 (Old) Windows only
gizDuino Patch file 1.6.x to 1.8.x
Arduino Website for latest IDE

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