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GAS SENSING: Smoke Sensor

GAS SENSING: Smoke Sensor
GAS SENSING: Smoke Sensor
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smoke sensor detects the presence of smoke by measuring the drop in current in the ionization detector (HIS-07). The ionization detector uses Americium as a source of ionizing radiation for ionizing oxygen and nitrogen in the air that normally generates a small continuous electric current but when smoke enters the chamber of the detector the smoke particles atiach itself to the ions and neutralizes them, resulting dropping of current in the detector. Ionization type smoke sensor with MCU compatible digital output. Uses HIS-07 as the active sensing element. Digital output is activated when smoke enters the HIS-07 chamber. 

Specifications :
Power Input
Sensor Type
HIS-07 - Ionization type
0.6 + 0.1 V at 2% / foot of smoke
Output Type
Digital ( Low when smoke is detected )

Downloads :
Schematic Diagram
PCB Design ( Single Sided )
Hardware Manual
Parts Placement

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